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Product Description :

A single box of sealed packaging, the product in the box cannot be determined before unpacking, and it is possible to issue a hidden one. 

WARNER BROS. THE CONJURING UNIVERSE SERIES contains 12 regular products, 1 secret product.

  • Lorraine Warren
  • Ed Warren
  • The Nun
  • The Ferryman
  • The Crooked Man
  • The White Lady
  • The Prophecy TV
  • The Samurai Suit
  • Old Man’s Ghost
  • Carolyn Perron Possession
  • Annabelle
  • Accordion Monkey
  • The Werewolf (Secret)

Promotion Terms & Conditions : 

  1. Promotion is valid from 1 October 2023 to 30 October 2023.
  2. Users will enjoy a RM20 off from the selling price of POPMART blind box throughout the promotion period. The promotions are exclusively for purchase The Conjuring Universe Tour tickets via WeTix channels only. 
  3. All purchases on WeTix are confirmed, and no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations will be considered unless specified otherwise.
  4. Price excluding shipping. Shipping is limited within Malaysia only.
  5. Please ensure the given details are accurate for us to mail the merchandise to your provided address.
  6. These Terms and Conditions shall be further subject to the General WeTix Terms and Conditions:
  7. WeTix reserves the sole and absolute right to amend or change these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.