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The first two seasons of Spider-Man casted by Tom Holland have shown us what it takes to become a truly responsible Spider-Man, from an enthusiastic, active person who wants to prove he’s not a child and has the ability to join the Avengers, to becoming a Spider-Man who finally discovers what he is and what he’s responsible for.

This time, Spider-Man: No Way Home is definitely one of the best Tom Holland’s Spider Man version.  His secret identity is known to the public, combined with the small (fabricated) detail that he murdered Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Now, with a savage media after him, Peter must adjust to a difficult existence chased into the uncomfortable spotlight of the public eye.

If you gathered this plot point from the record-breaking trailer, you could argue it isn’t reason enough to warrant Peter’s next decision: going to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and requesting the sorcerer cast a spell that reverses everything back to normal. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home want to express the plot is not to commit greed, all else you will make a great mistake. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) when the initial choice to greed to extend their hands, again and again, repeatedly asked for the forgotten quota. As a result, he made a great mistake!

Does someone have to leave? I would say yes, someone left to create a strong Spider-Man, Spider-Man is the time to take the responsibility to stand alone.

After three episodes of the Tom Holland version, if there is a next episode, we should be able to see a more mature Tom Holland Spider-Man.