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Well, ANITA is such a legendary person who fulled of dreams and she is insists on fulfilling her dreams.

Everyone who goes to see Anita will do so because of the name in its title. When they come out of the cinema, more than a few may realise that a new star is born with this mesmerising musical biopic of one of the biggest stars to grace Hong Kong show business.

Actress who played the role of Anita Mui Yim Fong is a fashion model name Louise Wong Dan Nei. She made her acting debut by embracing the challenge as an actress. The actress is a lock for the best newcomer prize at the 2022 Hong Kong Film Awards and has an outside chance of taking the best leading actress crown as well.

Never in question is the film’s love for a time when everything seemed possible in Hong Kong and artists such as Mui and Cheung inspired fans by speaking up and standing proudly for what they believed in. The film cannot help but match the sadness of Mui’s passing with a deep sense of loss for the heart and soul of the place this Daughter of Hong Kong called home.


许多人都会因为梅艳芳的名字而去看这部电影。 当他们走出电影院时,不少人都会意识到一位新星诞生了,这部令人着迷的大明星之一的音乐传记片将为香港演艺事业增光添彩。饰演梅艳芳角色的女演员是时尚的模特儿,王丹妮。 她以演员的身份迎接挑战,首次亮相。 这位女演员是2022年香港电影金像奖最佳新人奖的锁定者,也有机会获得最佳女主角桂冠。

在香港一切皆有可能的时代,这部电影的爱是毋庸置疑的! 像梅艳芳和张国荣这样的艺术家勇敢地为自己的信仰而发声和自豪地站出来激励着粉丝。这部电影不禁让人对梅艳芳的去世感到悲伤,而且对这位香港之女称之为家的地方的心灵和灵魂感到深深的失落。