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Quick impressions: pretty kick-ass. Margot Robbie really throws herself into the role of Harley Quinn. Even though she’s the odd duck among the Birds of Prey (Black Canary, Huntress, Detective Montoya), the group display fun chemistry as they go up against the crime lord Roman Sionis AKA Black Mask, played deliciously by Ewan McGregor.

Since Birds of Prey is told from Harley’s chirpy perspective, it feels very different from previous DC movie adaptations. Birds of Prey feels a lot more light-hearted and breezy despite its regular sprinkling of dark humour all around. I also really enjoyed the fighting and stunts sequences; Birds of Prey doesn’t try to obscure them with low lighting or quick cuts, so it’s easy to keep track of the action. 

I wish Birds of Prey touched more on Black Canary’s past, and even though the movie is rated R, the local censors weirdly blurred out all the middle finger salutes. At least the gratuitous violence and (most) of the profanity made it in. If you’re looking for a fun “superhero” movie to lift up your mood this February, Birds of Prey won’t ruffle your feathers.

— by Lim Kuan Keat