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Movie Synopsis
In her childhood, Riana lived in a small town with her father and her mother who ran a funeral house business. A disaster required them move to Uncle John’s house in Jakarta and Riana meets with Raini doll. Raina grows up and one day got visited by Mrs. Klara, a counselor-teacher in her school who wants to know why Riana has not attended school and suggests Riana rehabilitated. Disasters take place to Riana’s parents. Mrs. Klara comes again with Hendro, Lusi and Anggi, to help Riana socialize. But, their presence triggers a bigger problem,; a vicious creature of the past is released and terrorize them all.

Background of The Scared Riana
The Scared Riana was known as Illusionisy Magician, from Indonesia. As the winner of Asia’s Got Talent and the finalist of America’s Got Talent, The Scared Riana has worldwide recognition as world magician from Asia. In every show she brings magical performance with storytelling in horror and dark ambiance.

In 2018, PT Nant Adi Luhjur through bran ‘NANT Entertainment’ invite The Sacred Riana team from Trilogy Magic Factory to join their movie project to bring the background story of The Sacred Riana as the backbone of the movie story.


Release Date

Billy Christian

Prabu Revolusi , Aura Kasih , Agatha Chelsea , The Sacred Riana

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